Look, Ma! I Started A Blog

I did it. I started a travel blog!


The format is simple, really (Even I had to give myself a pat on the back for showing some semblance of creativity).

Each blog post will be written as a letter, outlining a travel of mine or the other. It will be a correspondence with anyone – family, friend, or stranger. How long has it been since you last received a letter? Mine was in 2010 and it was from my best friend. I was a sophomore in college. It was my 18th birthday— Okay this is a lie. I’ve gotten “other” letters but I’m terribly shy and I barely know you folks from the Internet, so let’s move on.

“Are you sending out [the letters]?” one of my older brothers remarked.

And on the spot I thought why not? I could throw in something a little more personal from my travels: a ticket, a photo, a bit of sand (This last one is frowned upon, thus I will obviously never do …).

I am going to make snail mail a thing again.


After years of pretending to be cool and detached, I find myself quietly admitting that I am but a sentimental schmuck. This blog is the official announcement.

I keep them in boxes.

In 20 years, I’ve accumulated letters (also ticket stubs and identification cards and ribbons; go figure) from every stage of my life, carefully tucked away from the prying glances of my mom (She insists she isn’t being nosy if I leave them lying around in the open). In truth, I got it from her – she kept them all, too: our letters to Santa, the birthday cards, the I’m-sorry-for-being-a-terror letters, the father’s and mother’s day cards.

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I was probably in the first grade. Royce (Brother No. 3) is four years older. Chevy (Brother No. 2) had gone off to college in Manila (an hour-long plane ride from our hometown in Iloilo). I believe this card was made from a template from my King and I computer game.

This is the box that contains three life stages: late high school, all of college, early working life. Click on the thumbnails below for more photos.


I started taking traveling seriously at the same time I was earning money; I was an advertising suit for 4 years. Frankly I wonder if it became a way of coping (Sometimes it hurts knowing I’ve become a typical millennial). I quit my job recently, not to be a full-time traveler, but to dabble in other things that interest me.

I wanted to write about my adventures partly because my friends have been prodding me to do it (peer pressure), but mostly because it has become a cornerstone of which I have laid out my early adulthood. I do not pretend to have traveled the world, but it’s there on my list. I have explored much of the Philippines (I must confess I am a tropical girl, happiest near the sea), and I am starting to work my way through Asia and beyond.


I would love to hear your stories – of traveling or otherwise. Write to me so I may write to you, too.

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My first letter should be out tomorrow (Monday). Stay tuned!

The DESTINATIONS and SERVICES pages are still under construction, but watch out for those spaces for downloadable travel guides, tips, and other services that pop in my head.


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